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OC Jensen O.C. Jensen left Denmark as a young man to seek fortune among the opportunities being offered in America. After making his way to California, he heard of the growth occurring in the Northwest and decided to settle in the Sprague territory of what is now Washington State.
Henry Brooke later sold his interest to Charles King Original Store and the business operated under the name Jensen King & Co. through 1895. In 1896, a fire destroyed much of the town of Sprague.
The decision was made to merge with the firm of Store Interior Wolverton and Byrd, move the new operation to the town of Spokane, and incorporate under the name Jensen-King-Byrd. After a few years of expansion the Company settled
Several large acquisitions took place over the subsequent Warehouse years including the purchase of the Spokane branch of Marshall Wells in 1958 and the 1981 purchase of Pacific Marine Scwabacher, a Seattle based wholesaler that was the largest in the Northwest at the time.
In 1987 Jensen-Byrd continued its commitment Warehouse to the future by building a state of the art 252,000 square foot distribution center West of Spokane. In 2004 an additional 130,000 sq. ft. was added to our Distribution Center. Continued growth influenced the decision to build an additional 147,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, which was completed in spring of 2007.
With so many changes taking place within the Company and within the retail industry, the decision was made to change the name once again. On April 22, 1995, Jensen-Byrd Co. became Jensen Distribution Services, to demonstrate the true nature of what the organization has becomeā€¦a complete distribution services company.